Our mission is quality roofing at an affordable price.

C & M Contractors Is up to the task of giving you many new roofing options as well as addressing any concerns you might have about your roof. We present your roof to you in a way you can understand. Using photo’s, video and diagrams lets you see the problems that you are facing and how to address them. Why take someone’s word for it when we can show you the problem and the solution. This way you are more informed about the problems and you know we are 100% honest. It also means that C & M Contractors take great pride in our work ethics and we are serious about pleasing you as a customer. We offer affordable same day service on most repairs.

C & M Contractors WILL NOT LEAVE YOU HANGING. We always show up at appointments on time. If for some reason we can’t make it on time we will let you know ASAP, before you are waiting on us. We do 85% of repairs after we give and explain the estimate to the customer. Usually, they just want it fixed right then. We have many customers living in high end developments that regularly have high winds on a regular basis, and use us to do repairs.

When we present the photo’s of the problems in question you know we mean business and have the knowledge to handle them successfully. Then we show the client the after photos showing we did everything in the contract we agreed to. We get paid and everyone is happy. You get everything in writing and the FREE 1 year warranty. If the leak repair or workmanship fail within a 1 year period, C & M contractors will return and repair the leak again at no charge. Of course our goal is fix the leak permanently so you don’t call us back, and for this reason we rarely have call backs on our work. The most important thing in construction is safety on the job. Especially in roofing where one fall could be your last. We follow OSHA approved methods at all times. Simply put, we aim to please our customers by offering a good product, superior service, and a 1 year standard warranty on every repair job we do. New roofs receive a standard 5 year warranty. Commercial warranties vary by product.

Give us a call and let us show you we are professionals.

C & M can rejuvenate your old flat roof and reduce roof temp by 40%.

Chimney Flashing Diagram.

We always go the extra mile .

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