Why Us?

C & M Contractors. 35 yrs roofing in NC. Free estimates 919-399-7000

We performed a  roof inspection and repairs on this stately home in South Charlotte, NC before it was sold.

Why use us?

Because we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done right and in a timely manner. we also have general liability insurance and workman’s compensation so your property is never compromised. C & M Contractors provides a minimum 3 years workmanship warranty on top of the shingle manufacturers warranty, even for the most in-expensive roofs. We provide a 1 year warranty on all roof repairs which start at just $129. We take photo’s of the job before and after and we can email those to you for your home history portfolio. Bottom line is……. we want your business and we want you happy!

Ah, those pesky roof leaks. We get rid of them once and for all. with Mr. J’s 33 years of commercial and residential roofing experience we have the knowledge and understanding it takes to repair any leak. As with anything you do you have to weigh the option of repair cost versus replacement cost. C & M contractors affordable roofing will give you the mathmatical facts so you are informed to do your decision making.

One really annoying thing with roofing repairs is the fact that someone can make a leak stop leaking long enough to cash the check and next week you are back in the amazon rain forest. Sadly I have seen many senior citizens taken advantage of in this manner.

Since there are so many predatory roofers out there we decided  10 years ago to start taking digital photos and video’s of before and after of repair jobs, new roofs and even estimates. That way we could bring the roof down to the homeowner. 95% of people never get on their roof even when its being worked on. Bringing the roof to them to visually see the roofing problem with a little honest explanation is one way the customer can be more informed. We take photos after the repair has been made so the customer can see that all the terms of the contract have been fulfilled. It just makes for a better relationship for everyone involved. Everything is based on trust so we show you we are trustworthy. We make our customers happy one job at a time. We can finance that new roof or roofing repair.

We Always Go The Extra Mile.

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